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About Taleo Enterprise Inc.

We pride ourselves on our discipline, punctuality, commitment to your project and flexibility when it comes to your renovation desires. Learn more about us.

When Leonid Solowjew started Taleo Enterprise Inc., he sought to fill a real gap in the Ottawa renovation industry - offering high quality renovation services with his love for people and managing projects shining through. From arriving on time to every single appointment and site to taking personal responsibility for each step of the project to finding you the best materials, Leonid’s commitment to his business is unparalleled.

Taking personal pride in every single renovation, Leonid now leads a professional team of experts through many commercial and home renovations in Ottawa every year. He also installs saunas right in your home!

Taleo Enterprise Inc. is known for working with its clients to offer the most beautiful result within a manageable budget, leveraging skilled and professional employees with the highest level of workmanship.

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At Taleo Enterprise Inc., we pride ourselves on our construction expertise for all your home interior/exterior renovation projects. We have over 12 years of experience in residential and commercial renovations and in project management of every step of a renovation. We have skilled and professional employees on our team and are committed to bringing you the highest level of workmanship that we have earned a reputation for.