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Basement Development

Basement Developments

Basement renovations are becoming more and more popular over recent years. Basements used to be that cold dark area of your home, but not anymore! Our team will go over all the possibilities of redesign and the development of entertainment or living spaces in your basement.

Whether you are looking to have a home theater entertainment centre, a bathroom, or extra bedrooms, your basement is the perfect place for endless possibilities!

Plus, did you know a finished basement can dramatically increase the value of your home? Every renovation increases your property value but a basement renovation has an industry standard rate of return of 70%! Now, that’s a solid investment.

Our favourite ways to add property value with a basement renovation:

  1. Income property: turn your basement into a full apartment unit for rent with a kitchen, a bathroom, and a separate entrance, and enjoy extra monthly income. Many homeowners opt for an income property in the basement to help set off the mortgage costs. I
  2. An extra bathroom: no more taking two flights of stairs and interrupting the movie marathon in your basement. An additional bathroom is an amazing value to get more out of your home and increase your property value. Plus, it’s great to have if you end up adding a guest room downstairs too.
  3. A guest bedroom: some guests stay for a night and some stay for a week. Give them - and you - privacy with a guest bedroom in the basement. If you choose to sell your home, boosting the number of bedrooms is amazing for resale value!


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At Taleo Enterprise Inc., we pride ourselves on our construction expertise for all your home interior/exterior renovation projects. We have over 12 years of experience in residential and commercial renovations and in project management of every step of a renovation. We have skilled and professional employees on our team and are committed to bringing you the highest level of workmanship that we have earned a reputation for.